Prof. Dr. Ales Sekot

Professorof sociology ofsports, Masaryk university, Facultyof Sport Studies, Brno, Czech Republic.

Czech Republic

Academic Career

Author of more than 300 publications, 16 monograps, studies, populararticles, esseys. At theAcademyof Sciences he had beeninvolved in study of sociology of religion, publishedbooks on Ecumenism, Methodism, Czech hussiteChurch, Methodistchurch, and extensivemonograph on Sociologiyof Religion (1985). During his pedagogical and professionalactivityat Masaryk university, Brno, Czech Republic, broadspectrumofspecificsocialaspectsofcontemporaryglobalsociety hasbeenstudied: Multicultural relations, positionofethnicalminorities in Czech Republic, socio-pathologicalphenomenons in the proces ofpolitical and economicaltransformationof post-communistcountries. Nowis prof. AleŇ° Sekot deeplyinterested in variousproblemsof sociology of sport, as eg. theprobemof sport socialization, negative aspectsof sport spectatorship, masculinity versus feminity orcriticalattitude to extensivelyhight-costsportive top events. At thetimeofbeing his scientificinterestisaimed to highlytopicalphenomenon: reductionofregularvitalizingphysicalactivityofmassofpeople as anintegral part ofactivewayoflife. Prof. Sekotwasteachingatuniversities in Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and SouthAfrica and participated in many internationalconferences on sport and society.