Prof. Dr. Knjaz Damir

Full professor, Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology


Academic Career

  • He work Full professor, Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology as University, Kinesiology of Sport Department this Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb, Croatia From 1997 until today
  • 2007 – 2010 Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education, lecturer;

  • Member of International Committee of NABC, USA, as the only representative from Europe
  • Member of Croatian Olympic Committee Council
  • Member of European College of Sport Science (ECSS)
  • Member of Croatian Kinesiology Association (HRKS)
  • Member of International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)
  • Member of Scientific Council of Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • FIBA certified coach: Licence No: 2008019865

Research activity & latest publication

  • Books: Novak, D., Antala, B., Knjaz, D. (Eds.). (2016). Physical education and new technologies. Zagreb: Croatian Kinesiology Association
  • Scientific articles : Knjaz, D., Rupčić, T., Antekolović, Lj. (2016). Application of modern technology in teaching and training with special emphasis on basketball contents. In D. Novak, B. Antala, D. Knjaz (Eds.), Physical education and new technologies (pp. 112-122). Zagreb: Croatian Kinesiology Association
  • Rupčić, Tomislav; Antekolović, Ljubomir; Knjaz, Damir; Matković, Bojan; Cigrovski, Vjekoslav (2015). Reliability analysis of the 94 fifty smart sensor basketball. U Zvonař, Martin; Sajdlová, Zuzana (Ed.). Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Kinathropology, Brno, 18-20.11.2015. (str. 432-438). Brno: Faculty of sport studies, 2016.
  • Matković, Andro; Rupčić, Tomislav; Knjaz, Damir. Physiological load of referees during basketball games. (2014) Kinesiology, 46(2), 258-265
  • Knjaz, Damir; Matković, Branka; Janković, Saša. (2013). The Value of Different Motor Teaching Methods in Working with Basketball Beginners. Croatian Journal of Education 15(4), 147-167.
  • Kreivytė, Rasa; Emeljanovas, Arunas; Sporiš, Goran; Knjaz, Damir; Vučković, Goran; Milanović, Zoran. (2013). Shooting performance did not change in elite women’s national basketball teams from 1995 to 2011. Annaleskinesiologiae, 4(1), 45-56.
  • Rupčić, Tomislav; Matković, Branka; Knjaz, Damir; Nedić, Antonela;Popek, Siniša. (2012). Differences in physiological load of the referees with consideration to the period of the basketball game. SportLogia, 8(1), 51-56
  • Rupčić, Tomislav; Matković, Bojan; Knjaz, Damir; Baščevan, Saša; Rodić, Saša. (2011). Differences in the anthropological profile of the basketball referees with regards to their chronological age. SportLogia, 7(1), 27-33.
  • Knjaz, D., Fosnes, O., Štemberger, V., Rupčić, T., Tomanek, Lj. (2008). Habitual physical activity of elementary school teachers. 5th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology. Proceedings book. Ed. D. Milanović, F. Prot. Faculty of Kinesiology. 166-168.
  • Swalgin, K., Knjaz, D., Fosnes, O., Matković, B., Štemberger, V. (2008). Habitual physical activity for basketball coaches in Croatia, Norway, Slovenia and the United States. 5th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology (Proceedings book). Faculty of Kinesiology. 205-208.
  • Catina, P., K. Swalgin, D. Knjaz, O. Fosnes (2005) A cross-cultural analysis of positive illusions and sport performance levels in American, Croatian and Norwegian basketball players. Collegium Antropologicum 29(2) 453-458
  • Scientific papers: 53, Professional papers: 62