Dr. Lu Yifan

Beijing Sport University


Academic Career

  • Sept.1993-June.1996: Beijing Sport University, Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology
  • Sept.1989-June.1992: Beijing Sport University, M.Ain Sport Anatomyli>
  • Sept.1981-June.1986: Beijing Medical College and Beijing Institute of Physical EducationB.A. Honors in Sport Medicine

  • Spet.1985-June.1987: Medicine doctor in Haidian Hospital.
  • Sept.1986-June.1991: Assistant teacher of Sport Medicineli>
  • Sept.1991-June.1996: Lecturer of Sport Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • Sept.1996-June.2004: Associate Professor of Sport Medicine
  • Spet.2004: Professor of Sport Medicine
  • Member of Sports Medicine Committee, FINA
  • Member and Secretary of Medicine Committee of Asian Swimming Federation
  • Member of china Sport Science Society
  • Member of China Swimming Association