EURO-PAK International Conference

Tariq Ali Gujar

Johann-Gottlob-Nathusius-Ring5 39106 Magdeburg

Academic Career

  • Graduation from Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg
  • MSc Health and Physical Education from University of Karachi, Pakistan

  • Teaching Research in the area of cognition, postural control, EEG, sensory organization and biomechanics
  • Heading the department of sports NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi

Research activity & latest publication

  • Gujar, T. A., Hökelmann, A., & Blaser, P. (2012). Comparative kinematic study of standing staggered and square overhead throw in of Soccer. Assiut Journal of Sport Science and Arts, 1, 600, 608.
  • Gujar, T. &Hökelmann, A. (2015). Electroencephalographic study to plan specific cognitive training to improve balance of players in respect of sensory inputs (pp. 102,104). Sait-Petersburg: OlimpSpb
  • Gujar, T. &Hökelmann, A. (2016). Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Active Healthy Aging (AHA 2015) (pp. 157,162). Magdeburg: VerlagDr.Kovacc